Toto Wolff accused of ‘constant whining’ amid F1 rules row

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff has been accused of ‘constant whining’ amid his complaints about the sport’s current technical regulations.

Talk of porpoising and the high speed bouncing of cars has been a theme of 2022 so far following one of the biggest rules resets in F1 history. Governing body, the FIA, announced on the eve of the Canadian Grand Prix that they will start monitoring the issue more closely and may even order teams to adjust the set-up of their cars if they are deemed unsafe for drivers.

However, Mercedes are targeting a more concrete tweak of the regulations, citing driver safety, although rivals like Red Bull and Ferrari suspect it is merely an attempt to level the competitive playing field by the Silver Arrows.

Wolff has been left furious with the stance of his counterparts and is said to have had a heated exchange with Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto during a meeting in Montreal over the weekend.

However, former world champion Jacques Villeneuve is tired of Wolff’s complaints and has hit out at the Austrian in his latest column for After complimenting Lewis Hamilton on his third-place finish, Villeneuve said he was “less impressed” with Wolff.

“They have always done everything they can to maintain their advantage over the years,” he added.

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“Now they have built a bad car and that is their problem, not the FIA's. Other teams have also solved it, why should they be punished with a possible rule change?

“I think Mercedes has found something now, as if it was already ready. They bounced less and were fast, they certainly didn't raise the ride height. But I don't understand the constant whining.

“Racing is dangerous. Inhaling carbon from your brakes is also unhealthy, as is G-forces or drying out during a long, hot race. Nobody forces Mercedes to set up their car like this.”

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