Gavin Henson calls for drug investigation as he declares "boys are cheating"

Former Wales international Gavin Henson has urged the authorities to clamp down on drugs cheats in rugby and thinks it is currently too easy to avoid being tested.

The 38-year-old recently retired from rugby, and now runs a pub in Saint Brides Major, but he still takes a strong interest in the sport.

Henson made 33 appearances for Wales while also representing the likes of Ospreys and Bath, and in an interview with Wales Online he spoke out about his experiences of teammates dodging drugs tests.

"I've been in an environment where the drug testers come in and there's one or two boys who run out. That's happened at professional level," Henson said.

"How it is acceptable, I don't know, but as a player you can't do anything about it.

"Yeah, of course it made me angry. Boys are cheating and those kind of things give you such an advantage. There are boys who have had careers on the back of taking stuff that has cost other players international places, or even club team places, which is really lucrative."

Henson suggested the punishment must be stricter for those found guilty of taking banned substances, and said Warren Gatland's recent comments about his suspicions of a former player taking drugs must be investigated.

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