Maurice Rioli jnr and the attack of the plovers

Even by the standards of the storied history of the Rioli family this is quite the tale.

Maurice Rioli jnr was recently required to attend his own pre-draft testing – sort of like his own AFL draft combine – to be put through a range of athletics tests by AFL NT talent manager Simon Hargrave.

Beware the plover … as Maurice Rioli jnr discovered.

“Due to his knee soreness and Maurice returning to the Tiwi Islands he has not completed the 2km time trial aspect of the combine testing. I can advise though his first 400m split for the time trial though was 66 seconds.”

Sydney's veteran recruiter Kinnear Beatson drily sympathised in a reply-all response.

“Thanks for the update, in all my time being involved in AFL recruiting (over 30 years) you wouldn’t believe how often this actually occurs. I can recall a time when a young player was actually plucked off the track by a wedge-tailed eagle and he too obviously wasn’t able to complete the run.

“I guess when your luck is out – it’s out.

Cheers, Kinnear.”

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