STEVE DIAMOND: I've got no issue with Eddie Jones's trip to Japan

STEVE DIAMOND: I’ve got no issue with Eddie Jones’s trip to Japan… but where are the anonymous RFU review panel to come out and defend him? It smacks of an organisation that’s stuck in time 

  • England coach Eddie Jones has been criticised for his consultancy role with Japanese side Suntory Sungoliath 
  • But Steve Diamond believes Jones expanding his horizons is a good thing 
  • Diamond has backed Jones and England to hit back from a poor Six Nations 

Why were people so outraged about Eddie Jones coaching Beauden Barrett in Japan this week? It’s nonsense. 

Experiencing other environments is the best thing an international coach can do. New Zealand have been sending coaches around the world for the last 25 years and they’ve not done too badly.

If you’ve got a chance to work with the All Blacks No 10, then you take it. Barrett might pick up one or two things off Eddie, but don’t tell me Eddie won’t make a couple of his own notes. 

Steve Diamond has been left unimpressed at the outrage directed towards Eddie Jones

He’s not daft, nor is he going to be handing over a folder full of classified state secrets.

People have got to be a bit more eyes-wide-open. It’s a good thing to look at what other organisations are doing, rather than being completely insular and worrying that someone might copy your homework. Stop operating with one eye.

You can accuse Eddie of a lot of things, but one thing you can’t say is that he’s not a grafter. He’ll lose a Test match and then he’ll turn up at a Premiership fixture the next day.

He’s under fire for a poor Six Nations campaign, when he missed a trick by not blooding some younger players, so it’s easy to hang him out to dry. He’s been through the review, held by Bill Sweeney, and come through it. You learn from failure and I’m sure he’ll be back stronger.

What I don’t understand is why this review panel is anonymous. There should be a qualified figure out there, from this panel, who fronts up and says, ‘This is why we don’t have an issue with Eddie Jones working in Japan’.

Diamond says people need an ‘eyes-wide-open’ approach to viewing how Jones works

Why are they anonymous figures? It’s s***housery of the highest order. The public deserve to know what their expertise is and there should be an open dialogue. What are their credentials to be making these decisions? It smacks of an organisation that’s stuck in time.

Sweeney seems like a good hand on the rudder, but who knows about the rest. Are they keeping it secret because they’re there will be a perception that they’re not qualified to do it? 

Maybe it’s just jobs for old farts. That’s the conclusion that a lot of people, including myself, will jump to. You wouldn’t operate like that in the real business world and this is just another example of rugby’s blinkered thinking.

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