5 moments from Foster’s video content that may have "disappointed" Watford owner

Former Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster charmed and entertained thousands of football fans with his podcast and his behind the scenes glimpses of life as a goalkeeper.

Unfortunately, Watford chairman Scott Duxbury does not align with those Premier League and Championship fans who tuned into his content every single weekend.

The Hornets’ chief recently claimed he had “fined” the ex-Manchester United goalkeeper after he reportedly promised “to stop” recording his videos but carried on doing so.

This news also prompted fury amongst the Watford fans who had also shown signs of frustration at his content. But after Foster’s videos and podcasts were slammed by Duxbury and the fan-base, Daily Star Sport considers five moments from Foster’s podcast and videos that may have angered the Watford board.

Players “swerving” Man City and Liverpool

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Watford were very easily dispatched in each of their matches against Manchester City and Liverpool. Considering Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are at the helm of two of the best sides in Europe, this is not something to be specifically ashamed of.

However, Foster may have inadvertently infuriated Watford fans, the board, and quite possibly Xisco Munez, Claudio Ranieri, and Roy Hodgson, by suggesting many Watford stars may have looked to avoid the clashes against City and Liverpool by feigning injury.

While he was gracious enough to not name and shame any of his team-mates, his comments will surely have irked many people within the club. “100 per cent. I cannot name names but, for a fact, I know that if we’ve got Manchester City on Saturday certain players would have got a niggle,” Foster said on his podcast back in February.

“I would be joking with other players going ‘guaranteed he will get a niggle this week’. He might have come off the back of a bad performance and is then playing Liverpool, Man City or Man United. I know for a fact they will get a little niggle on Wednesday or Thursday. It has happened so many times.”

“Horrible Everton fans”

Foster’s authenticity and refreshing honesty in his videos is one of the main reasons why his content has resonated with so many people. Unfortunately, his inability to keep some opinions to himself led to him inadvertently giving one of Watford’s biggest rivals Everton, a crucial team talk at a pivotal time.

In February, Foster labelled the Toffees’ supporters as “horrible” referring to their meeting earlier meeting which saw Watford hammer the Merseysiders 5-2 at Goodison Park. “If you can get on top of Everton early doors, the Everton fans are horrible to the Everton players,” Foster said. “They are horrible, they get right on top of them. They get in their players’ heads, for sure.

“That’s massive, we always say before the game that we need to start fast, we need to get on top of them. We said that before our game away at Goodison Park [earlier this season], they scored after two minutes! We won 5-2, in the end. But, yeah, we do make a point of saying it: the Everton fans are horrible.”

The Goodison Park atmosphere almost seemed to improve overnight, as their raucous home support helped drive Everton to a run of 20 points in their last 17 matches, 16 of which coming at home. Watford meanwhile, plummeted down the table and finished in a measly 19th place.

Gushing over Mo Salah

After watching Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mane slice through their defence for fun, the last thing Watford fans would have wanted to see would have been Mohamed Salah himself. ‘The Egyptian King’ scored one of the goals of the season, when he slalomed his way through Watford’s defence, before firing into the far corner.

Unfortunately, Foster failed to read the room as he not only released one of his vlogs of the horrendous home loss, he gushed over Salah’s performances. He captioned his video with the line, “In today’s vlog, we host Premier League legends, Liverpool FC! What a team!

“Mr Mo Salah is on absolute FLAMES at the moment. What a player. Well done boys.” It also did not help that Foster also revealed he had captained Salah for his fantasy team, banking him 26 points. The video was actually soon deleted, but Foster claimed that was due to a technical problem with the video.

Foster’s ketchup craze

Duxbury justified his frustrations at Foster’s videos and podcasts by claiming it did not present Watford in the image he wanted. “We want a culture of excellence at Watford. Those videos were not that,” Duxbury said to the Watford observer.

And he certainly would not have been pleased with the reservoir-like portion of ketchup Foster showed off in one of his videos. As part of his behind the scenes sections of his videos, he filmed the food Watford players would consume the night before their matches.

But after initially showing promising videos of lean chicken and vegetables, Foster positioned the lens onto his ketchup laded plate. Foster claimed there was chicken underneath his swathe of ketchup, but that may have been hard to believe.

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte and Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard are two Premier League chiefs who have banned ketchup in their respective club canteens, as well as many other condiments. If the former Chelsea and Rangers managers do consider signing Foster as a back-up goalkeeper, Foster may be wise to delete that blog.

Paddy the Baddy’s ticket

UFC star Paddy ‘the Baddy’ Pimblett is one of the most popular athletes in the country – unless you are Watford fans. The Liverpudlian was booted out of the stadium after he celebrated Liverpool’s goals while in the home end of Vicarage Road during Watford’s 5-0 home loss to Liverpool.

To make matters even worse, it turned out that Bimblett was given a pair of tickets by Foster just before the contest. According to The Athletic, Foster’s commercial manager for his Youtube channel ‘the Cycling Goalkeeper’ Tom Ochoa was also seen “standing sheepishly” next to Pimblett and his friend while they were escorted out.

After the contest, Pimblett posted a video where he named Foster, before stating his wish for Watford to be relegated. “Ben Foster, I love you mate,” he ranted after being thrown out. “But I hope Watford go down, yous are horrible, horrible.”

A source close to the club said they were “dealing with the incident internally” soon after the defeat. Nevertheless, it was another embarrassment which felt as painful as one of Pimblett’s infamous punches.

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