6 wild things to look out for on Deadline Day – cheeky fans to desperate stars

For football fans, nothing beats Transfer Deadline Day. It's the excitement of Christmas Day, the anticipation of New Year's Eve, and the downlight lunacy of Halloween all rolled into one – and we get it twice a year! What's not to love?

Not only that, the odds of seeing something crazy are always pretty high. From inflatable blow-up dolls to over-inflated transfer fees, Deadline Day usually offers up something memorable.

With that in mind, Daily Star Sport has named six wild things to look out for today.

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Fans being cheeky

Nothing will ever top Sky Sports reporter Alan Irwin taking a dildo to the face live on air outside Everton's training ground in 2015, though the incident – and those keen to copy it – means fan shenanigans is pretty much guaranteed.

Sadly (but also sensibly), Sky brought in a rule a few years back saying they'll only record in places where fans can't reach their reporters, but don't be surprised if supporters get creative in their attempts to get on camera.

Keep an eye out for massive banners, funny costumes and general mischief, because background mayhem on Deadline Day is as traditional (and as delicious) as Christmas turkey!

What is the greatest Deadline Day moment of all time? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Aubameyang turning up in London

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's move to Chelsea is, at the time of writing, still hanging in the balance, but don't be surprised to see the Barcelona striker rock up at Heathrow before a deal has been finalised.

After all, the 33-year-old has previous. He went AWOL back in January and flew to Spain without Arsenal's permission in a bid to force the Gunners to green light his move to the Camp Nou. And it worked.

With Robert Lewandowski taking his place in Barcelona's first team, Aubameyang might look to repeat the trick to seal a reunion with former manager Thomas Tuchel at Stamford Bridge, especially if the Catalans start playing hard ball.

Ronaldo making a blockbuster move

Cristiano Ronaldo loves attention and, after losing his place in Manchester United's side, he'll be desperate to get back into the headlines somehow.

The 37-year-old has been pushing for a move away all summer, and while there don't appear to be many options on the table for him, usually when he wants something, Ronaldo gets it.

You get the impression Erik ten Hag would happily drive him to the airport too, so don't be too shocked if the five-time Ballon d'Or winner's glittering career takes one last major twist today.

Get to the chopper!

Keep an eye on the skies, everybody!

Plenty of deals will inevitably go right down to the wire tonight so there'll no doubt be a few helicopters on standby as players scramble from club to club to finalise their moves.

Juan Mata famously arrived at Carrington in January 2014 to seal a last-minute switch to Manchester United from Chelsea, while Liverpool's Ryan Babel entered football folklore four years earlier as his chopper took off for London, with Tottenham and West Ham reportedly in talks to sign him. Though he never arrived at either club, and stayed at the Reds for another five months. Classic Deadline Day.

Desperate panic buys

On Deadline Day, carefully laid out transfer plans often go out the window. especially at clubs who have bad starts to the season.

Stuttering starts can make even the most level-headed of managers, chairmen and owners nervous, and what better way to rectify your problems than with a bit of last-minute shopping?

So expect plenty of late moves for stupid amounts of money as clubs around the world abandon their long-term plans for a little short-term respite.

Last-minute deals falling through

Time waits for no man, and over the years some absolutely massive deals have fallen through right at the death – and sometimes quite literally at the last second.

David de Gea's move to Real Madrid in 2015 was scuppered minutes before the window closed by a (supposedly) faulty fax machine, while Leicester missed out on signing midfielder Adrien Silva in 2017 because they sent over the relevant paperwork 14 seconds after midnight.

Deadline Day giveth and Deadline Day taketh away, so expect a few hearts to be broken once Big Ben starts chiming.


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