'90% go with Real and 10% with Barca': Ex-referee calls LaLiga biased

‘Around 90 per cent go with Real Madrid and the rest with Barcelona’: Former LaLiga referee claims officials in the division are biased towards the Spanish giants

  • Former referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez claims football officials are biased
  • Gonzalez officiated 291 games in 17 LaLiga seasons before retiring in 2012
  • He claims 90% of referees aid Real Madrid while the other 10% favour Barcelona
  • Gonzalez also claimed that referees were biased to their teams back in 2014 

Former LaLiga referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez claims that the division is biased towards Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Gonzalez, who officiated 291 games in 17 LaLiga seasons, says that 90 per cent of referees will side with Los Blancos while the remaining 10 per cent will aid Barca.

During the El Larguero podcast, he said: ‘Around 90 per cent go with Real and 10 per cent with Barcelona. Whether Barca fans like it or not, 70 per cent of the Spanish population, excluding Catalonia, are Real Madrid supporters.

Former referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez says officials are biased towards Real Madrid

‘There are more Barca fans these days because the younger generation has seen the trophies they won under Pep Guardiola.

‘But before the Lionel Messi era, how many people supported Madrid in Spain? About 70 per cent?’

Barcelona and Real Madrid have dominated LaLiga for decades, winning the title in all bar five seasons since Athletic Bilbao’s last triumph in 1983-84.

Gonzalez made the same claims that referees are biased to the teams they support in 2014

Gonzalez says that he personally doesn’t care about either Real Madrid and Barcelona

This isn’t the first time the 54-year-old referee, who retired in 2012, shared his opinion on the matter. Back in 2014, Gonzalez said the following to MARCA.

‘Personally, I don’t care about one or the other. I’m Athletic Bilbao. Everyone knows that I am Athletic, but I would go against them to try and be fair.

‘I’m lucky to have been born in Bilbao. Everyone is Athletic there.

‘But in the rest of Spain, the majority are Real Madrid of Barcelona fans, because they’re the teams that win.

‘And that’s how it is. And the majority are Real Madrid.’

After sharing his thoughts, he did specify ‘that does not mean that when they whistle for Madrid, they are not professionals’, but his claims still caused an uproar in the football world.

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