All 12 Super League clubs will be punished – but UEFA’s big six stance different

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UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin has confirmed all 12 clubs involved in the European Super League will be punished – although the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ could receive leaner penalties.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea were the first clubs to withdraw from the breakaway competition following a furious backlash from fans.

And Ceferin has hinted that the Premier League six could be rewarded for the expediency of their departure from the project with a leaner punishment than their European counterparts.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are expected to receive the toughest sanctions, with the trio still yet to formally withdraw from the Super League.

"Let’s see," Ceferin told the Mail on Sunday. "Everyone has to take consequences for what they did and we cannot pretend nothing happened.

“You cannot do something like that and just say: 'I’ve been punished because everybody hates me.'

"They don’t have problems because of anyone else but themselves. It’s not OK what they did and we will see in next few days what we have to do.

"But for me it’s a clear difference between the English clubs and the other six.

"They pulled out first, they admitted they made a mistake. You have to have some greatness to say: 'I was wrong'.

"For me there are three groups of this 12 — the English Six, who went out first, then the other three [Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter] after them and then the ones who feel that Earth is flat and they think the Super League still exists.

"And there is a big difference between those. But everyone will be held responsible. In what way, we will see.

"I don’t want to say disciplinary process but it has to be clear that everyone has to be held responsible in a different way.

“Is it disciplinary? Is it the decision of the executive committee? We will see. It’s too early to say."

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