Brighton boss Potter explains how he was left with a black eye

Brighton boss Graham Potter sports a BLACK EYE at his latest press conference having ‘crashed into a metal railing’ while on a beach walk… but he sees the funny side as he jokes his modelling days ‘were over a long, long time ago’

  • Brighton manager Graham Potter sported a black eye at his press conference
  • Potter joked his modelling days were long gone as he addressed reporters
  • The boss collected the black eye when he fell and crashed into a metal railing 

Brighton boss Graham Potter joked that his modelling days were already long gone after a tumble on the beach left him sporting a nasty facial injury.

Potter appeared at his press conference ahead of Saturday’s trip to Sheffield United with heavy bruising below his left eye and a significant gash on his cheek.

With reporters ready to hear details of a daring deed or possible training ground incident, the 45-year-old bashfully explained that the cause was far more mundane.

Brighton boss sported a black eye on Thursday after he suffered an accident on a beach walk

‘I would love to be able to tell you that there’s a heroic, chivalrous story here that I can make myself look really good but unfortunately I just missed my footing walking home on some steps and then went crashing into a metal railing,’ he said.

‘And I have got a bit of whiplash on my back.

‘Thankfully it’s only hit my cheek – it could have been worse!

When it was suggested his modelling days may now be over, he replied: ‘They were over a long, long time ago – if ever they started!’

Potter (right) has steered Brighton seven points clear of the relegation zone but he is still wary

Pressure on Potter was further eased on Tuesday evening by a battling goalless draw at Chelsea which moved the Seagulls seven points clear of the Premier League relegation zone.

Nevertheless, he suggested the painful fall shows he still has plenty to ponder ahead of the weekend trip to Bramall Lane.

Explaining the incident in more detail, he continued: ‘I can’t even blame it on anything.

‘I was walking on the beach trying to look where I could shelter from some wind, missed my step, wasn’t thinking – probably had too much on my mind from the last few days.

‘I look a little bit better, so the lady upstairs tell me in terms of I am looking a bit more rugged and handsome, but I think she’s crazy, of course.’

Brighton and Potter face a key game this weekend as they travel to take on Sheffield United

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