Chelsea stars 'using secret code words to outwit opponents'

Chelsea stars ‘are using secret code words to outwit opponents as part of Thomas Tuchel’s innovative new tactics with rivals left baffled when Blues attack’

  • Thomas Tuchel has told his players to use secret code words in matches 
  • The German encourages his team to use the tactic during their attacks 
  • Opposition players are said to have been left confused by codes
  • Chelsea are unbeaten in 12 games since Tuchel took charge of the club 

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has reportedly told his players to use ‘secret code words’ during matches in order to fool the opposition.

According to The Sun, the German has encouraged his players to use the tactic when they attack so they know where to run and who to aim for.

The system is said to use a set of key ‘triggers’ so players know which side to run down and whether they will put a high ball into the box or go short.

Thomas Tuchel has reportedly told his Chelsea players to use secret code words during games

The tactic seems to have been effective with the Blues undefeated in Tuchel’s 12 games in charge.

One rival player told The Sun: ‘You have no idea what’s going on but they know exactly what they are doing.

‘It just makes the attacks quicker and more deadly because sometimes a guy passing does not even have to look up to know where the runner will be.

Rivals are said to have no idea what is going on when the Blues players use the codes

‘They use different words all the time too, so you can’t even work it out during the game.’

Tuchel has been known for his innovative approaches to training with the coach seen getting his Chelsea players to use miniature footballs in one of his first session after taking over from Frank Lampard.

While manager of Borussia Dortmund, Tuchel is said to have made defenders hold tennis balls to stop shirt pulling and shaped pitches into diamonds to encourage diagonal runs from his forwards.  

His methods may be proving successful so far but his side could only manage a 0-0 draw against Leeds on Saturday.

The manager believed his side created enough chances to win the game but highlighted the difficult conditions at Elland Road.

Tuchel has developed a reputation for his innovative training methods and got his players to play with a miniature football in one of his first sessions

‘I think we could have won exactly the same game. We created enough chances, enough shots, enough touches to score one or two goals.

‘Unfortunately and obviously we did not, so we have to live with a draw, but yes at the same time it was a difficult pitch, very difficult conditions, very slippery, very bouncy.

‘But we accept all the difficulties in an away game against a team that puts a lot of pressure on you.’

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