Chris Kamara ‘feels like a fraud’ and ‘should have bowed out’ after diagnosis

Sky Sports icon Chris Kamara has spoken candidly about struggling to come to terms with his recently diagnosed illness, admitting that he feels “like a fraud” while on TV.

Kamara – known affectionately as Kammy to football fans – is well known for his hilarious gaffes on live television; including once not realising Portsmouth had a man sent off, despite commentating on the game for Sky.

However, the former professional footballer’s live TV career was brought to a halt earlier this year when he was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, which left him with speech apraxia, a condition that means he can sometimes struggle to talk.

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And, speaking to Dragons Den entrepreneur Stephen Bartlett on his Diary of a CEO podcast, Kammy admitted that he feels “strange” now having stepped back from live sports broadcasting.

He explained: “Strange in terms of, I feel a fraud now in terms of broadcasting; I don’t bring to the table what I used to. So that’s hard, my life away from the screen couldn’t be any better. Grandkids, family, it’s perfect.”

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“I feel I’m doing these programmes and they’re not getting the best of me, but they’re tolerating me, that’s how it feels.”

Despite this, the iconic commentator admitted that he had felt humbled by the tribute his colleagues had paid to him when he announced that he would be stepping back from Sky Sports Soccer Saturday in April.

“That tribute that Sky gave me, that’s reserved for someone who passes away isn’t it? So I’ve had the tribute while I’m still alive that people don’t get when they go. You’ll always look back and think, when you read the obituaries and comments and think, ‘why didn’t people say that?’

“So I think maybe I should have bowed out then, taken the accolades and said, ‘thank you’. Am I tarnishing what I’ve got and what I had?”

But, despite considering quitting TV altogether, Kammy returned to front ITV’s The Games earlier this year, and continued his job as one of the presenters of Ninja Warrior UK alongside Ben Shepherd and Rochelle Humes.

And, speaking recently to the Daily Star, he suggested that this had been the correct decision, acknowledging: “I am a new person now. Day to day I can get by. There are good days and bad days. I am on the mend though. Everyone at Ninja Warrior has looked after me. They take the weight off my shoulders and do the stuff I can’t do.”


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