Dion Dublin lived above pub called ‘Boobs’ with Hollywood A-lister before fame

Before establishing himself as a Premier League goalscorer, Dion Dublin has revealed that he lived with an aspiring actor – who went on to become one of the world’s biggest stars.

Dublin’s professional career began at Norwich City, where he signed a playing contract after rising through the club’s youth ranks, but never made a first team appearance. The forward subsequently joined Cambridge United, and went on to become a prolific Premier League striker with sides including Coventry City and Aston Villa.

Despite his success at mid-table sides, the Englishman could never replicate his form with the national side, and even struggled at Manchester United after a horror leg-breaking tackle prematurely put an end to his contributions to a title-winning season.

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Decades before eventually retiring and finding his own success on the screen with a presenting role on Homes Under the Hammer, Dublin revealed how he found his feet in football while living with a Brit who would go on to become one of the world’s most well-known actors.

“I signed for Norwich City and my brother Ash is a DJ in Great Yarmouth. He lived above a bar in Great Yarmouth, the nightclub was next door where he worked, but he lived above a pub called Boobs on the seafront,” he remembered, speaking on the Quickly Kevin podcast.

Naturally, Dublin decided to move in with his brother, and the forward described how this led to a surprise encounter with one of the world’s biggest acting stars before he became famous.

“My brother’s best mate was a drummer… He happened to be a model, and he also happened to be a high board diver for Great Britain. He’s now an A-list film star, he wasn’t then, but he is now.

“So I lived for 8 months with my brother and Jason Statham.”

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The podcast’s hosts Josh Widdicombe, Michael Marden and Chris Scull were left flabbergasted, and Dublin agreed, laughing: “It was mental because my brother DJd on a Saturday night, I’ve had a game on a Saturday, and I’m going out as Jason Statham’s side-kick. He was the same completely chiselled… good bloke.”

Only a few years after his time living with Dublin, Statham went on to star in roles in Guy Ritchie’s film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and has since become a key figure in the action film industry.


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