England fans slammed for "disgraceful" booing of Denmark national anthem

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England fans have been slammed for booing Denmark's national anthem shortly before the semi-final.

As the teams lined up, England's opponents were jeered as they sang their anthem arm-in-arm.

England then sang their own before starting the game.

One said on Twitter: "Booing the national anthem of Denmark is disgusting. Actually disgusting."

Another said: "England fans booing the Denmark national anthem. This is why all of Europe wants to see us lose."

One England fan described the scenes as "disgraceful".

Three Lions fans had come under fire for booing the German national anthem before their 2-0 victory in the last-16 in London.

Before the next game, a 4-0 win against Ukraine, neither anthem was booed.

But Gareth Southgate's side were jeered when they took a knee before kick-off, while their opponents chose to stay on their feet.

The winner of the game will play Italy, who beat Spain on Tuesday night, in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday at Wembley.

Before the game, Southgate said: "The prize is one that we've never experienced. Denmark, of course, have won it so they've got a better record than us and I think people forget that in our country sometimes.

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"We don't have as good a footballing history as we like to believe sometimes.

"It's a motivating thing, a challenge for us. If we were a country that had won five titles and had to match what had gone before, we might feel differently. But we're not.

"We're playing a really good opponent, we knew that before the autumn, and even more so after the games in the autumn. It'll be a really tight game, an exciting game for everybody."

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