England legend Hoddle says West Ham maverick Moncur could have been ‘superstar’

Glenn Hoddle is routinely answering questions when a particular one catches him off-guard.

Who was the best player he managed, I ask, who didn't fulfil their potential?

Sir Alex Ferguson had the enigmatic Ravel Morrison, a youth player the Scot once hailed as "the best he had ever seen".

John Terry spoke of how Rob Woollaston should have been a Chelsea legend, and Robbie Savage recently told us that he felt David Bentley could have been as good as David Beckham.

But for Hoddle?

The ex-England and Tottenham manager spends a while deep in thought, before he eventually lands on a former West Ham star that may raise a few eyebrows: John Moncur.

Moncur was something of a maverick during his days at West Ham, and was well-known for his Paul Gascoigne-style antics in the Upton Park dressing room.

But Hoddle told Daily Star Sport he could have gone much further than he did with the talent he had.

When asked who he managed who could been a "superstar" but didn't make it as far as they should have, Hoddle told us at a Betfair event: "Quite a lot did go on and do what I expected them to do. I'm trying to think who that would be.

"John Moncur. There were a few little things that I had to sort out, but he could have actually been better."

Moncur spent the early stages of his career at Tottenham Hotspur before a range of loan spells.

He then moved to Swindon Town under Hoddle in 1992, before joining West Ham where he drew a reputation as a dressing room joker.

Ex-Hammers defender Rio Ferdinand once recalled of Moncur: "Monks was the funniest man I’ve ever met in football.

"If we’d been out on an all-dayer, we’d be walking to a place and he’d be jumping in bins – seriously, he’d be there with his feet hanging out the top.

"We were in TGI Fridays once and he took a run up at the bar and flew over it headfirst.

"He was on the floor around the barman’s ankles. Monks would stay out with the lads till late afternoon and then say: 'I don’t know what I’m capable of after this moment in time' and just go home.

"So fair play, he knew his limits."

England will face Germany at 5pm at Wembley on Tuesday in the last-16 clash.

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