Everything Pique has said about Shakira – from no marriage to sex claims

Just like that, Gerard Pique and Shakira are no more.

Up until this week, the pair were seen as one of the world's most glamorous celebrity couples, but their 11-year romance has come to a crashing end in controversial circumstances. Shakira confirmed the couple's split on Saturday following reports that Spanish centre-back Pique was caught cheating – although not with the mother of Barcelona team-mate Pablo Gavi as was first suggested.

A statement released by the Colombian singer's communication agency read: "We regret to confirm that we are parting ways. For the well-being of our children, who are our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding."

Fresh from the fallout, Daily Star Sport takes a closer at everything Pique has said about ex-partner Shakira following his alleged act of infidelity, from why they didn't get married to why football abuse is better than bedding the pop star.

On how they met

The high-profile pair first crossed paths at the World Cup in South Africa back in the summer of 2010 during filming for the video to Shakira's iconic tournament anthem 'Waka Waka'. According to Pique, he made the first move, with the weather his choice of chat-up line.

“She was already there because she sang in the opening ceremony, and I asked her what the weather was like,” he explained. "It is the typical stupid question… It got to the point where I told her we would have to get to the World Cup final to see her again — she was singing at the final."

The defender fulfilled his promise as Spain went all the way to the final where they beat Netherlands to become world champions. A budding romance then stemmed.

On why he didn't propose to her

During an extended interview with former Manchester United team-mate Gary Neville back in May, Pique revealed he had no intention of popping the question as the pair were content and didn't feel that marriage would influence their relationship. Speaking on The Overlap, the 35-year-old confessed: “No, I'm not married.

“It’s her mentality! I like it how we are right now. We have two kids, nine and seven, we work good as a couple. We don't have the need to be married, it's fine.”

In response to Neville probing as to whether Pique had in fact privately proposed but been subsequently snubbed, the Barcelona star laughed off the suggestion, adding: “No no no. I would tell you!"

On Shakira as a mother

While Pique can hardly stake a claim for father of the year following his latest antics, the Barcelona defender once labelled his partner "the best mum in the world" during an interview with HuffPost Voices in 2013. He went on to add: "Milan could not have a better mom.

"She is very dedicated, the love and the connection between them is amazing. I learn a lot by her side. Shakira has a very great career, knows a lot and has taught me a lot.

"She came into my life to transform it and that makes me very happy. She and Milan are my everything.” That appears debatable…


On his favourite Shakira song

“Shaki’s music" Pique replied when probed over what sounds he likes to listen to, according to American Post. But his favourite song of hers?

“Inevitable” he reveals. "It is already years old but it is one of its best. Also, in that song she says that she doesn’t understand soccer and I think she understands now.”

The 1998 hit does indeed see Shakira confess all the things that are not to her taste and all the topics she doesn't know much about. It seems she can now add Pique's alleged misdemeanours to that list…

Preferring jeers to sex

In hindsight, perhaps the writing was on the wall for the pair following the centre-back's comments in March. Back then, Pique made the peculiar claim that he prefers being booed and abused by fans of Barcelona's rivals Espanyol over sex with the sizzling Shakira.

He told The Wild Project: “I'm happy that Espanyol has been promoted to the first division because that's how we play in their stadium. I like to go there, I get whistled at all the time.

“You laugh and the fans get even madder. There is nothing comparable in the world. I would say it's better than sex. I enjoy it a lot more than playing against Real Madrid."

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