Footballs greatest F-bombs after Erik ten Hags slip from Haaland to Richards

From Erling Haaland's post-match expletives to Harry Redknapp's fury with a reporter – football stars never seem to be far from dropping an F-bomb on camera.

Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag became the latest to let his emotions get the better of him following their impressive 2-1 win over Liverpool – with rival boss Jurgen Klopp being guilty of doing the same in the past.

From Ten Hag to Micah Richards via Haaland, Daily Star Sport has taken a look at seven of the greatest footballing F-bombs including one during the Euro 2022 final.

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Erik ten Hag

Ten Hag was fired up by United's 2-1 win over Liverpool thanks to goals from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford – and maybe should've waited a bit longer before appearing on Sky Sports.

Presenter Dave Jones was forced to apologise on behalf of the former Ajax boss said after he said live on air: "We can talk about tactical but it is all about attitude.

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“Now you see we bring attitude on the pitch and there was communication, there was a fighting spirit and there was a team and you can see what they can achieve because they can f****** play good football.

"I wanted a different approach, a different attitude and that is what they bring on the pitch, that is what makes me satisfied."

Erling Haaland

Despite being a fluent speaker of the language, English-born Haaland wasn't quite up to date on the rules for post-match interviews after Manchester City beat West Ham.

He said of a missed chance: "“If you saw Gundo [Ilkay Gundogan] right before I went off, I should’ve been there. So it was a bit s*** but that’s how it is."

And replied after being warned about his language: "S*** sorry! Not good language in this country."

Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has never been afraid to give journalists a piece of his mind – and once lashed out at a comment that he didn't take too kindly too.

When told that he has made his name as a 'wheeler and dealer' Redknapp exclaimed: "No, I'm not a wheeler and dealer… f*** off."

When the reporter apologised, Redknapp hit back off camera: "I've not made my name as a wheeler and f***ing dealer don't you say that."

Kai Havertz

Kai Havertz scored the only goal of the 2021 Champions League final as Chelsea secured victory over Premier League rivals Manchester City – and then swore on camera.

Having been reminded that he was Chelsea's most expensive ever player at the time, the Germany forward replied: "To be honest now I don't give a f*** about that we won the f***ing Champions League."

The outburst left his team-mate Cesar Azpilicueta and reporter Des Kelly in stitches.

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp failed to control his language after Liverpool's stunning Champions League comeback victory over Barcelona – but at least did so after the watershed.

"The boys are f***ing giants – it's unbelievable,” beamed Klopp.

"I've been asked to apologise on his behalf, but I'm not going to," replied presenter Lineker. "I think he's perfectly entitled to after that.

“He can get away with it, it's after 10 o' clock, after the watershed. Well done, Jurgen!”

Jill Scott

Veteran England star Jill Scott played a cameo roll during the Lionesses' Euro 2022 triumph – but hit the headlines for her outburst at Sydney Lohmann.

Although microphones didn't pick up the shouting, lip readers could clearly make out what she was telling her rival.

The 35-year-old was spotted on camera appearing to tell Lohmann to "f*** off you f***ing p****."

Micah Richards

Micah Richards might now be an experienced pundit – but at the start of his playing career he wasn't quite as composed in front of the cameras.

The former right-back appeared on TV after scoring his first goal for Manchester City back in the 2005/06 campaign, chatting to Garth Crooks.

"Well Micah extraordinary finish, what did you make of it?" he was asked, before replying: "Ahh it was just great to be out there… f***ing… I just can't believe it."


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