Georgina Rodriguez’s sister hints at pregnancy for Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s clan could be set to grow after a seemingly straightforward Instagram post hinting at Georgina Rodriguez’s possible pregnancy was quickly deleted.

The Juventus talisman already has four children, but a fifth may be on the way after Rodriguez’s older sister, Ivana, uploaded a short-lived Instagram snap of her sibling.

In the photo—published by OKDiario—Georgina can be seen in a white suit wearing sunglasses, but an emoji heart has been placed over her stomach in an unsubtle hint she could be pregnant.

The image was taken from long range by a paparazzo, and with her suit jacket covering her belly, there’s no way of seeing whether Rodriguez has any kind of baby bump.

Ronaldo’s first child, Cristiano Jr., was born in the United States in 2010, joined by twin siblings Eva and Mateo—who were born via a surrogate mother—seven years later.

Rodriguez then gave birth to a daughter, Alana, in November 2017, making her the only mother to one of Ronaldo’s children whose identity is public knowledge.

The former Gucci saleswoman went public with her beau in late 2016, with Ronaldo having ended his five-year relationship with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk in early 2015.

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Ronaldo, 36, recently uploaded a photo of Rodriguez and all his children enjoying their summer holidays on a yacht, though his partner’s mid-riff is notably obscured as they soak up the sun.

This wouldn’t be the first time rumours have arisen regarding a new member of Ronaldo’s progeny, with Georgina herself having hinted she could be pregnant in the past.

Rodriguez put her social media followers on alert in May 2020 when she posted an Instagram Live captioned with the words ‘Baby Girl’ next to a heart wrapped in a bow.

Fans also interpreted it as broody behaviour when Rodriguez’s nestled her cat underneath her jumper, captioning the post ‘Mi bebe’ earlier in 2020.

Ivana acted quickly to take down the latest hint at pregnancy, but not before eagle-eyed followers were able to take a screenshot of the gesture.

The two appear to be close considering the elder Rodriguez sister regularly posts photos of her sibling’s modelling exploits and the Ronaldo family in general.

Among the most recent uploads were posts celebrating the birthdays of Cristiano Jr., Eva and Mateo, all of whom were born in the month of June.

Ronaldo and the rest of his family are currently on vacation following Portugal’s round-of-16 exit against Belgium at Euro 2020.

The five-time Ballon d’Or-winner has one year remaining on his contract at Juventus, with rumours continuing to swirl that he could complete a return to Manchester United this summer.

The impending arrival of a fifth child could alter Ronaldo’s reasoning when it comes to his career plans, and uprooting their life in Turin may not appeal with a new baby on the way.

Nothing is confirmed in regards to Rodriguez’s potential pregnancy yet, but sister Ivana’s now-deleted clue is the latest evidence of Ronaldo’s empire expanding.

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