Harry Redknapp points out major flaw in knighting Harry Kane if England win Euro 2020

Harry Redknapp discusses Harry Kane’s penalty

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Former England manager Harry Redknapp delivered his “honest opinion” on giving Harry Kane a knighthood if England wins Euros 2020 as he was concerned it would be slightly distasteful for his teammates. Mr Redknapp pointed out the match was a “team game” and the calls for knighting players may exclude other key individuals, like coaches and those working behind-the-scenes, which would only make the ordeal awkward. Instead, Mr Redknapp wanted to see NHS staff knighted instead as he gave his assessment on how the England team could beat Italy on Sunday.

Appearing on Times Radio, Mr Redknapp praised the England team who have had “great PR” and have managed to avoid scandal. 

He was asked if people like Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane or Gareth Southgate should be given a knighthood. 

“No, no, no, no. you can’t knight two or three people you can only knight everybody in the squad.

“It’s a team game, I’ll be truthful with you I’m not for knighting one person everybody plays their part in a football team it’s not an individual sport.

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“And I think if you are going to knight anybody you’ve got to knight all 26 players and everybody else.

“I don’t know, do you do that?” 

The pundit was asked if he had the power would he follow through on knighting England players. 

“I’ll be honest with you on knighthood, I would rather someone from the NHS or doctors or people who have done that [should get one].

Wild scenes as Harry Kane scores for England v Denmark

“Winning football matches is fantastic what they’ve done for the country is great, if you want to knight Gareth Southgate then fine.

“But I think to start knighting one or two players, it’s a team game.

“What about the right-back or the left-back who are maybe not in the public eye as much as Harry Kane.

“I wouldn’t want to see knight one or two players, no.”

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Mr Redknapp said England was also a good counter-attacking team that could capitalise on opponent errors which could be key to winning the match on Sunday. 

He stressed however England needed to be stronger at the back. 

Wembley will play host to thousands of England fans watching the game live as England play Italy in Euros 2020 final. 

Attendees have been forced to take lateral flow tests or be double jabbed before entering as a way to limit and monitor cases of COVID-19. 

England beat Denmark 2-1 to head into the final with pubs having licences extended so fans can watch the full game even if it goes into extra time and penalties.

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