Laura Woods absolutely roasts Tottenham fan live on air after dig about Arsenal

Arsenal fan Laura Woods had no chill when dealing with a Tottenham supporter during a debate on talkSPORT.

Woods took to the airwaves on Tuesday morning just hours after Arsenal's dismal 2-0 defeat against Newcastle. The shocking reverse put their north London rivals in pole position in the race for the Champions League going into the final day of the season.

Unsurprisingly, plenty of Spurs fans took great delight in Arsenal's – and Woods' – sorrow, ringing up with chirpy tones to have a cheap pop or two at the Gunners. But one goading caller got a little more than he bargained for after he labelled Arsenal's end to the season "the biggest collapse of all time."

Tottenham fan Nick also accused Woods and colleague Darren Bent of bias and said: "You two are so biased it’s unbelievable. If this was Tottenham, honestly, all this 'how Tottenham have bottled it', 'how we choked', all these stories would be coming out.

"You know in the middle of March you had a goal difference of 10+ on Tottenham and about six points. This has got to be the biggest collapse of all time, it has to be."

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A cool, calm and collected Woods quick shut down the Spurs fan's claim, replying: "It’s not the biggest collapse of all time, Nick and I don’t mind you calling me bias because I am an Arsenal fan."

"I will say as well, at one point of the season which was months ago, we were saying if Arsenal get top four it’s an overachievement, I stand by exactly what I said then, 100 per cent."

Woods continued on the defensive until the Tottenham fan accused Arsenal of having a small club mentality. That went down like a lead balloon with the Sky Sports favourite, who fired back: "I think Nick, coming from a Spurs fan, you’d know exactly what a small club mentality is all about."

And she wasn't done there, finishing their argument with: "Let’s come back and talk about small club mentalities when you manage to win something, Nick. Lovely to have your call though!"

Football fans on social media loved Woods' savage put down, with one person tweeting: "Tell me you’re the youngest sibling without telling me you are @laura_woodsy you’re so quick witted."

Someone else added: "F***ing love @laura_woodsy proper done him at the end." While a third person said: "Omg @laura_woodsy going IN! Nick was never winning that."

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