Leeds fans fume as elbow leaves Raphinha bloody – and he was accused of diving

Leeds United fans are fuming at former Manchester City centre-half Nicolas Otamendi after he appeared to elbow Raphinha over the international break.

The 24-year-old was challenging Otamendi for the ball when the centre-back appeared to swing his elbow back in his face.

And after catching Raphinha, Otamendi preceded to accuse the winger of diving, and he attempted to pick up the Brazilian.

The incident left Raphinha with blood pouring from his mouth, but Otamendi was able to escape any sort of punishment.

And Leeds fans are fuming at the centre-back as they hope their Brazilian star will be back for the weekend.

"Disgraceful from Otamendi. Then has the audacity to lift him up. I'd love to see him try that on [Liam] Cooper or [Kalvin] Phillips," one fan tweeted.

Another added: "Not giving a Red card or calling a foul is one thing BUT not to even review it with VAR an option??? Not acceptable and inexcusable."

"Otamendi has always been the type of dickhead player you're only ever fine with if he's on your team," a third tweeted.

While Brazil's manager, Tite, was convinced Otamendi deserved a red: "It’s inconceivable. And I say less, that’s not the term I meant, I’m saying it because I’m polite."

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However, one account offered an explanation as to why Otamendi escaped a card: "The fact is, if Raphinha had rolled around and made a huge fuss about this, Otamendi would likely have been sent off.

"There’s a reason why Neymar does what he does.

"He’s been moulded by the environment of South American football & it's gamesmanship."

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