Lewandowski’s sizzling wife is karate expert with 3 World Championship medals

Most male athletes would probably back themselves in a sparring session against their wives, but not Robert Lewandowski.

The Barcelona's superstar's significant other is as deadly a fighter as he is with the ball at his feet in the box, and has the medals to prove it.

Anna Lewandowska, 34, is a professional karate expert with three World Championships and six European Championships to her name. She gave up the sport in 2013 shortly after marrying her footballer partner but still lends her expertise to up-and-coming fighters now and again.

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These days, the bombshell brunette is a health and fitness whizz and splits her time between personal training, being a mum to the couple's two kids, Klara and Laura, and running her food brand called Foods by Ann – which sells everything from smoothies to energy bars to supplements.

Her husband has been arguably the most consistently centre forward on the planet for the past decade and it might have a lot to do with the diet and fitness regime she's put him on. Anna plans all of Robert's meals and even has him doing mini fitness exercises every now and then around the house.

Speaking to German outlet Bild, Anna explained just how regimented their diets had become: "The most important thing is training and nutrition.

Would you rather take a karate chop to the face from Anna or a penalty to the bare arse from Robert? (Please) Let us know in the comments section below.

"We refrain from lactose and wheat flour. It's about quality food," she added. "Pancakes, brownies, vegetable spaghetti, porridge or millet. We also like to eat high-quality fish.

"Sometimes after training we drink beetroot juice with cinnamon or cayenne pepper. When we mix many foods at once, sometimes we aren't doing the right thing. We feel bloated, have to loosen our trousers. The mix is too much for our body."

Anna has been with Robert since the very start having met him in 2007 – three years before his career-making move to Dortmund and more than half-a-decade before he became a household name.

She was recently spotted on his arm at the ceremony for the 2022 Ballon d'Or, a trophy her husband really ought to have won a couple of years back, though in fairness, Anna looks like all the 'trophy' he'll ever need.


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