Liverpool fans hit out at stewarding at Anfield in UEFA protests

Liverpool fan group hit out at ‘heavy handed’ stewarding at Anfield that saw demands for banners in protests against UEFA to be taken down – with Reds supporters finally cleared of blame for chaos at last season’s Champions League final

  • Liverpool played first Champions League game since fans were cleared of blame
  • Ticketless Reds fans had wrongly been accused of Paris chaos at last year’s final
  • But protests against UEFA on Tuesday left fans frustrated with club stewards 

Liverpool fans have blasted over zealous stewarding at Anfield during their protests against UEFA in their Champions League game against Real Madrid on Tuesday night.

Groups of fans held protests in response to the way they were treated at last season’s Champions League final at the Stade de France in Paris, where chaotic and dangerous scenes outside the stadium were initially blamed on ticketless Liverpool fans.

An independent inquiry from UEFA has since cleared the supporters of any blame for the highly concerning scenes outside the stadium, where supporters including children were hit with tear gas and pepper spray.

In their first Champions League game since being found innocent, one banner urged UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin and CEO of UEFA Events Martin Kallen to resign, while another branded French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and Minister of Sport Amelie Oudea-Castera ‘menteurs’ (liars) for blaming Liverpool fans.

This was a narrative which was swiftly ruled out by a number of Sportsmail reporters on the scene in Paris, despite it being widely circulated by UEFA and French officials.

Liverpool supporters protest against UEFA during their side’s match against Real Madrid

They called on key UEFA officials to resign and accused French ministers of being liars

Liverpool supporters group Spion Kop criticised the stewarding at Anfield on Tuesday night

But supporters group Spion Klop claim their protests were shut down by stewards inside Anfield.

‘Disappointing last night with the reaction from the club stewards, their behaviour was unnecessary. Our intentions were solely to have maximum impact and minimal disruption,’ tweeted Spion Kop.

‘Everyone deserved their voice to be heard after the events of Paris 2022 and sadly this was hindered with heavy handed stewarding and rhetoric that was provoking in nature.’

Liverpool have since responded claiming the stewarding was a result of miscommunication rather than an attempt to censor views.

The stewards were instructed to follow health and safety protocol by asking fans not to walk with the banners during the match. The mix up appears to have taken place when supporters were told to put banners away rather than to simply stand still with them.

The Athletic claims senior officials at Liverpool were fully behind the protests to send a strong message to UEFA and French authorities.

There were scenes of chaos as supporters struggled to get into the final in Paris last summer 

Liverpool fans were cleared of wrongdoing despite initially being held culpable by authorities 

Reds fans were also heard chanting ‘F*** UEFA’ and they booed the Champions League anthem

This was notable with the banners as well as the heavy jeering of the Champions League anthem before kick-off.

Liverpool supporters could also be heard to be chanting ‘F*** UEFA’ as they expressed their disgust and distaste at the way the European governing body had acted. 

Last Monday, the independent report ruled that Liverpool supporters were officially cleared of any wrongdoing following UEFA’s investigation, which declared there is no evidence to support the agenda that was pursued by French authorities in Paris to make them scapegoats. 

Meanwhile, BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey apologised to Liverpool supporters for relaying ‘false statements’ about the chaotic scenes in Paris ahead of the Reds’ 5-2 defeat by Real Madrid.

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