Liverpool REFUSE to wear t-shirts left by opponents Leeds

Liverpool REFUSE to wear pre-match Champions League t-shirts left in their dressing room by opponents Leeds amid European Super League fury… with home side donning the warm-up tops reading ‘Earn It’ and ‘Football is for the Fans’

  • Liverpool are one of 12 sides to agree to take part in a European Super League 
  • T-Shirts were left in Liverpool’s dressing room for them to wear in the warm-up
  • It had the messages ‘Earn It’ and ‘Football is for the Fans’ written on them
  • Liverpool though refused to wear the pre-match shirt left by their opponents
  • Manager Jurgen Klopp described the shirts left for them by Leeds ‘as a joke’ 

Liverpool have refused to wear a pre-match Champions League t-shirt which was left in their dressing room by opponents Leeds.

Jurgen Klopp’s side have travelled to Elland Road a day after news that the club’s owners have agreed to take part in the European Super League.

Liverpool and the rest of the ‘Big Six’ have agreed their involvement, along with three clubs from Spain and Italy. 

Leeds left out a t-shirt for Liverpool players to wear during the pre-match warm-up

Liverpool though refused to wear the t-shirts during their pre-match warm-ups

Upon arrival to Elland Road, the Reds discovered t-shirts left in their dressing room for them to wear during the pre-match warm-up.

On the back the shirt read ‘Football is for the Fans’ and on the front there was the Champions League logo with the caption ‘Earn It’.

The Liverpool manager has said he hasn’t changed opinions he made from 2019 saying he hoped the European Super League ‘would never happen’.

However, he described the t-shirts that were left for them as a ‘joke’. 

He said: ‘If somebody thinks they have to remind us that that you need to earn a place in the Champions League, that’s a joke it’s a real joke and it makes me angry.’

The Reds opted not to wear the shirts, though their opponents Leeds did warm-up displaying that message on their shirts.

Before the match, Leeds sporting director Victor Orta also held up the shirt from the grandstand. 

Leeds players wore the shirt which had the message ‘football is for the fans’ and ‘earn it’

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher said the shirts were a ‘message to the owners’.

He said: ‘It’s a message to the owners. It’s a message to Liverpool’s owners and the supporters I know. One of these managers has come out, the other five need to come out. That will be the start, it will only get bigger. I think there’s enough people in football who don’t want this for it to be stopped.

Liverpool players arrived in their coach to a heated reaction by fans outside Elland Road.

During his pre-match interview he said: ‘I like the Champions League, the competitive factor of football. I like the fact that West Ham might play Champions League next year. I don’t want them too because we want to do that. But they have a chance like that. 

Jurgen Klopp said the Reds needed ‘no reminding’ they had to earn a Champions League place

‘What can I say: Liverpool is much more than some decisions and the most important things in football is the supporters and the teams and we have to make sure nothing comes between them. 

‘I heard we put banners down at Anfield but the players didn’t do anything wrong. We didn’t win all of the games but we want everything. 

‘We want to qualify for the Champions League next year. Other people using our song against us, I don’t like that, nobody wants to be alone in these moments. 

‘We have to sort it ourselves, it’s nothing to do with football, nothing to do with the relationship with the fans and the team. The boys did nothing wrong, I want to make sure everyone knows that.’ 

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