Man United are mocked for botching Bournemouth-inspired kick-off move

‘Only Man United could mess that up so badly’: Red Devils are mocked after botching Bournemouth-inspired kick-off move during win over Liverpool… as fans goad Bruno Fernandes after his ‘butchered’ pass ‘f***ed up’ sneaky second-half tactic

  • Manchester United attempted to score straight from kick-off against Liverpool
  • Bruno Fernandes underhit a pass and Liverpool gained possession immediately
  • Bournemouth came up with the routine during a game against Fulham last year

Fans took to social media to mock Manchester United for attempting to score straight from kick-off during the 2-1 win over Liverpool on Monday night. 

Bournemouth came up with the move last season that sees a team get from their own kick off to the opposition’s penalty area in just four passes. 

The Cherries became the pioneers of the move when they scored straight from kick off away at Fulham in December last year.

Manchester United attempted a routine that may have seen them score from kick-off

But Bruno Fernandes mishit his pass and Liverpool won back possession almost immediately

United attempted to replicate the routine to kick-off the second-half against Liverpool but it all went wrong. 

Bruno Fernandes passed the ball to McTominay, who returned the favour before the Portuguese midfielder underhit the following pass and Liverpool gained possession almost immediately. 

Fans saw the funny side of things as they took to social media to laugh. One said: ‘Lol we tried to do the kick off routine and Bruno butchered it.’

The move was a nod to Bournemouth who came up with the routine last December at Fulham

A second fan tweeted: ‘Looooool they were trying the kick off routine but Bruno f****d it up’.

‘Big fan of Man United being the first team to mess up that kick-off routine that everyone seems to be scoring from,’ a third fan said.  

Despite messing up the move, United had a night to remember as they picked up their first points of the season thanks to goals from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford.  

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