Mason Greenwood ‘devastated’ as Man Utd exile ‘could end up in Albania’

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    Mason Greenwood has been left "devastated" after he could end up playing football in Albania following Manchester United's decision to dump him from their squad.

    An internal investigation into Greenwood was concluded on Monday after he was arrested on suspicion of attempted rape, assault and coercive control in January 2022. Greenwood denied all the charges, and they were later dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in February 2023.

    According to The Sun, Greenwood had expected to return to United after officials indicated they'd give him a second chance. However, following a U-turn, Greenwood could be forced to move to Albania to play football.

    The report states the striker was "devastated" by the decision, and he's been left fearing for the future of his career.

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    A source told The Sun: "Mason always wanted to re-start his career at the highest level possible. He hoped and believed it would be with United.

    "The strength of feeling has now left him worried if he will ever play in the top leagues again. Playing in somewhere like Albania was never part of his plans, ever."

    Two Premier League clubs had enquired about bringing in Greenwood on loan – but they are now rethinking plans following public backlash to leaks Greenwood could have been returning, ahead of United's statement.

    Other clubs in England are also worried about the PR situation – and, at present, only an unnamed team in Albania is interested in bringing Greenwood into the fold.

    United announced that Greenwood would not play for United again on Monday – after both parties came to a mutual agreement about his future.

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