Mbappe is getting what he deserves at PSG with January exit on cards

Craig Burley says Kylian Mbappe's ego is out of control

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When Kylian Mbappe ended up staying at PSG back in the summer, despite strong links to Real Madrid, it always seemed a questionable decision. At Los Blancos, he’d get everything he’s ever wanted – and a genuine shot at Champions League glory every year. But, by opting to remain in Ligue 1 at the same team as Lionel Messi and Neymar, it’s clear he’s made a monumental mistake.

On Tuesday, it emerged that Mbappe wanted to leave PSG just months after signing a new contract with the club.

The France international had widely been expected to join Real Madrid back in the summer transfer window, with the La Liga giants confident he’d be theirs for free.

Yet Mbappe ended up staying at PSG, where he was told he’d be given even greater power than he’d previously had.

Luis Campos was hired with his approval, with Mbappe believing he could call the shots at the Parc des Princes, while Christophe Galtier touched down as a replacement for Mauricio Pochettino.

In the time since, however, Mbappe’s mood has worsened.

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He’s unhappy at being deployed down the middle for PSG, where he must act as a foil for the likes of Neymar and Messi to shine.

And, according to BBC Sport journalist and French football expert Julien Laurens, he feels ‘betrayed’. Laurens said on Tuesday: “He feels betrayed by the club in the sense that all the things the club promised him when he signed that new deal until 2025 have not happened.

“The promises they would sign a new striker so he could play in his best position off the striker, that Neymar wouldn’t be there and he would be sold, that they would sign a centre-back, and he would be at the centre of the project.

“All of these things have not happened.

“We knew there were tensions and now he has made his mind up and he doesn’t want to be there.

“He feels he made a mistake by extending his contract and he should have left in the summer, now he is looking at the January transfer window at where he could go.”

But Mbappe is paying the price for his own ill judgement.

While PSG are a huge club, one that commands the respect of Europe, they’re still not a superpower.

They don’t look any more likely to win the Champions League this season than in previous years, despite a summer of shrewd recruitment.

At Real Madrid, they challenge for the trophy every year. That’s not the case with PSG, who have made the final just once since their lucrative takeover a decade ago.

Mbappe was wrong to go behind Neymar’s back, requesting the Brazil international be sold.

While Neymar divides opinion, there’s no denying he’s one of the best footballers in the world. Certainly, you’d rather have him on your team than playing against him.

Mbappe’s relationship with Neymar has crumbled and the Brazilian’s close links to Messi doesn’t help matters, either.

He definitely had ideas way above his station when asking for PSG to sign a new centre-back, too.

It is a job of a sporting director, or a manager, to identify such signings. As a player, albeit a great one, Mbappe doesn’t have the right to make such demands.

At the time of his renewal, there was already a sense Mbappe was making a mistake with his future.

And it was also clear that PSG themselves were merely delaying the inevitable, with their prized asset allowed to leave for free in 2024 – just two years’ time.

Now, everybody should cut ties.

Mbappe should move to a club that will indulge him but also one that won’t let him call the shots. No footballer ever should.

And PSG can then move on with one less ego. That, potentially, could be the key to winning the Champions League trophy they crave.

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