New York should host the Champions League final, says Micah Richards

New York should host the Champions League final, says Micah Richards, but Jamie Carragher disagrees comparing it to Liverpool having the Super Bowl… and ex-Reds man goes against co-pundits to pick Landon Donovan over Clint Dempsey as USA’s best player!

  • CBS Sports’ Golazo panel tested their American knowledge on Wednesday night 
  • Entertaining Champions League broadcast is heading to New York this month
  • Micah Richards was in favor of the city welcoming Champions League final
  • Jamie Carragher didn’t agree as he asked if Liverpool would have the Super Bowl
  • Carragher then went against Richards and Thierry Henry when picking US star 
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Former Manchester City defender Micah Richards doesn’t see any reason why New York couldn’t welcome the final of the Champions League as he and his fellow CBS pundits Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry took part in a US-themed Q&A.

The three former soccer stars are known for their entertaining punditry during Europe’s elite competition and regularly take part in an ‘In the Mixer’ session.

With CBS Sports’ Golazo show heading to the Big Apple for matchday five later this month, host Kate Abdo ran an American-themed version of the question and answer segment.

CBS pundit Micah Richards (left) said New York City could host the Champions League final, but his fellow pundit Jamie Carragher disagreed (right)

The duo alongside Thierry Henry and Kate Abdo took part is US-themed Q&A on Wednesday

When asked whether New York City should host the Champions League final, Richards was fully in favor of the idea while Carragher disagreed and compared it to his beloved Liverpool having the Super Bowl.

After joking the final should be played in two weeks when the panel are Stateside, when asked again Richards added: ‘100 per cent. Why not?’

Carragher responded: ‘Because there’s no American teams in it!’ While Abdo added: ‘Because it’s a European competition.’

Richards added: ‘It doesn’t matter. So?’ 

The former Liverpool defender then asked: ‘What about having the Super Bowl in Liverpool?’

Ex-striker Henry shut down that idea by saying that wouldn’t happen.  

The pundits then could not agree on who the best ever American soccer player is as Carragher picked a different star to Henry and Richards.

Carragher picked Landon Donovan (left) over Clint Dempsey (right) as his USA best player

Richards said: ‘Ooh… Clint Dempsey! My boy Clint, I’m going with my boy Clint.’

Carragher soon replied: ‘No! I’m going with Landon Donovan.’ 

The former Premier League defender was called out by Abdo for not selecting his fellow CBS colleague. 

She said: ‘Clint’s on our team, disrespect to someone that’s on our team.’ 

Henry admitted it was a ‘tough’ choice but sided with Richards and said: ‘I would go with Clint.’

The panel were also asked for their favorite pizza toppings, the height of the Empire State Building, how many hot dogs they could eat in 10 minutes but one question seemed to have them all stumped: ‘What is a bodega?’

Former New York Reds Bulls forward Henry also took part in the entertaining CBS segment

Carragher said: ‘Sounds like an ice cream,’ while Richards responded: ‘A bodega?! Never heard of that in my life!’ 

All hope rested on former New York Red Bulls star Henry as Abdo said: ‘Thierry? Come on you’re a New Yorker man.’ 

He replied: ‘It depends. I’m sorry I don’t know. I’m French remember?’

The trio were unable to guess the correct answer but are now all clued up for their trip to the USA on October 25 and 26. 

Dempsey, Maurice Edu, and former USMNT international Charlie Davies will also be joining the broadcast, named ‘Destination Brooklyn’. 

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