Non-league ace with ‘arms like a trebuchet’ has crazy long throw to rival Delap

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A non-league ace with a ridiculous long throw that would rival Rory Delap has gone viral after he was caught on camera.

Delap became an overnight sensation with his remarkably long throws during Stoke City's stint in the Premier League. The Potters stormed to promotion in the 2007/08 campaign and – despite being favourites to drop straight back into the Championship – thrived in the top-flight for a decade against the odds.

Delap was a key part of that Stoke squad – but even he would have been envious of this attempt, with the non-leaguer launching the ball miles into the opposition's penalty area without even taking a run-up.

And fans have flocked to social media after being left dumbfounded by the clip. One fan quipped: "He has to be related to Rory Delap," while another laid down the gauntlet to the ex-Stoke man, tweeting: "Rory Delap got 24 hours to respond…"

Another fan cheekily joked: "my back would turn into a folding chair if i ever tried this," while another claimed: "This used to be my job on a Sunday morning, had a long body like a trebuchet even when I was 12 loool."

During Stoke City's days in the top-flight, Delap's incredible throw-ins were the Potters secret weapon. Tony Pulis' side benefited from many of Delap's long-range ridiculous missiles, with ex-Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger even branding Delap's party trick as "an unfair advantage" after the Gunners had fallen to a shock defeat at the Bet365 Stadium.

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Delap said back during the Potters' Premier League days: "If I throw the perfect ball, with the height and quality of the players in our team, I think it is undefendable. It's been good for my kids, seeing my ugly mug in the papers. I'm not going to get any modelling contracts, but you've got to enjoy it."

And Delap's former team-mate, Liam Lawrence, went one further than his modest pal by claiming his throw-ins were better than corners. He told Sky Sports: "They were almost better than corners"They were just ridiculous. The trajectory he got on them was amazing. They were flat and straight and kept going.

"Even if they didn't come off one of our lads, they would come off one of theirs and end up anywhere. They caused havoc."

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