Parachuter lands on pitch in France vs Germany and nearly crashed into crowd

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A parachuter almost caused carnage for France and Germany's Euro 2020 clash as he suddenly landed on the pitch.

The Greenpeace protestor was spotted dropping into the Allianz Arena in Munich.

And it could have been a nasty incident with the parachute even getting caught up in the spider camera that is wired up above the pitch.

Video footage shows he nearly crashed into the crowd, but fortunately, nobody was injured.

The parachuter suddenly appeared just before kick-off, as the teams were being announced and players took their positions.

The collision with the spider camera cables saw the supposed activist shoot off in a different angle and fly towards the stands.

Luckily, he managed to swerve away from anybody in their seat to just steer himself back towards the pitch.

Stewards ushered the individual away once he had come to a halt on the turf.

And the Group F match got underway soon after without any additional delay.

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Players of both nations did not seem too put off by the potentially devastating incident.

Chelsea and Germany's Antonio Rudiger even helped out the fallen stranger with his parachute as he rose to his feet.

But it was France's stars who responded to the strange situation best once the match got going.

Manchester United's Paul Pogba pulled off a delicious piece of skill in the build-up to the goal.

He sprayed the ball out wide to Lucas Hernandez, playing at his home ground in Munich.

And his ball across was diverted into his own net by Mats Hummels after 19 minutes.

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