PFA chief Gordon Taylor makes £500k contribution to players’ charity fund

Gordon Taylor has made a “very significant” contribution into the players’ charity fund – believed to be in the region of £500,000.

Professional Footballers’ Association chief executive Taylor was committed to making the donation before renewed criticism of him insisting he will not take a pay cut on his £2.2million salary.

The PFA has set up the charity fund to help players raise cash for funds amid the coronavirus crisis for causes such as the NHS, under-privileged kids and those affected by the global disaster.

The 20 club captains and PFA representatives wanted the charity pot to enable them to raise money for good causes.

The PFA is currently fighting against potential wage cuts and deferrals as players are willing to give generously but want their money to go to good causes rather than straight back to wealthy club owners.

FA executives like Mark Bullingham have taken significant cuts with England boss Gareth Southgate taking a 30 per cent pay cut.

That has invited fresh criticism on Taylor for not taking a pay drop but he committed to making the donation along with the players and had committed to it even before the last round of criticism.

Taylor's £500,000 contribution helps make up a total of £1million which has been put in by the PFA.

Taylor told Mirror Sport: “We’re not the strongest union in the sporting world by not listening to our members. That’s what we do on a regular basis.

“The players always come together in a crisis. They always have and always will.

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