Roy Keane insists he "never fell out" with David Beckham over life off the pitch

Manchester United legend Roy Keane has insisted he "never fell out" with David Beckham despite differing opinions in off-the-pitch professionalism.

The Sky Sports pundit, 50, made the claim when selecting his greatest Man Utd XI of the Premier League era with Beckham appearing on the right flank in his all-star eleven. And whilst the Irishman acknowledge Beckham's flamboyant lifestyle was in stark contrast to his restrained persona, Keane was adamant that there were never any disagreements as he was "training properly."

He said: "Becks was a bit younger, from London, he loved his gear, he loved his cars.

But what you'd always look for, in any player coming into the first team, particularly young players – they'll have hobbies, they'll have things they like – but the key for me was, when I was watching a young player, I'd watch them closely – and Becks being one of them – are they training properly?

"Are they giving everything for the cause in terms of their training, on a matchday and Becks done that. So, I didn't care what Becks was doing, good luck to him.

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"If I thought the cars and whatever else he was doing was becoming a distraction – then you'd pull a young player and go 'listen remember what your priority is'. But I don't think I once, ever, fell out with Becks about anything because I just thought he turned up every day and put a shift in."

During his time at Man Utd Beckham claimed six Premier League titles and two FA Cups as well as playing his part in United's dramatic Champions League triumph in 1999. As well as dating a famous pop star, Beckham's lavish lifestyle is well-documented but Keane insisted his off-the-field antics were never a problem.

He added: "These lads were enjoying themselves, but they had the balance right. Yeah, go out and enjoy yourself but when we train, we train and when we turn up for a game at Man Utd you give everything you have – simple as that."

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