Sky Sports Fantasy Football returns: New players, new teams, new prices

Another year, another £50,000 jackpot on the line. Sky Sports Fantasy Football makes its return for the 2020/21 season.

New players, new teams, new prices and it’s your call – your call on transfers, your call on captaincy choices, and ultimately, your call whether you earn bragging rights over your friends and top the league ladder.

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Why not set up your team early and get ahead of the game? The small matter of the £50,000 jackpot prize is at stake for the 2020/21 season of Sky Sports Fantasy Football.

The rules some may be accustomed with are below, as players will continue to pick 11 players, keeping within the £100m budget.

Picking and managing your team

Picking your Sky Sports Fantasy Football team is quick and easy, and you can use the following six formations:

4-3-3 (1 x GK, 4 x DEF, 3 x MID, 3 x STR)

4-4-2 (1 x GK, 4 x DEF, 4 x MID, 2 x STR)

4-5-1 (1 x GK, 4 x DEF, 5 x MID, 1 x STR)

3-5-2 (1 x GK, 3 x DEF, 5 x MID, 2 x STR)

5-3-2 (1 x GK, 5 x DEF, 3 x MID, 2 x STR)

3-4-3 (1 x GK, 3 x DEF, 4 x MID, 3 x STR)


Once the season has started, you will have a total of 40 transfers available during the season, with a maximum of five transfers each Game Week, which will run from Friday to Thursday.

In order to be eligible for scoring, transfers must be made before the matchday deadline, which is kick-off in the first match of that day. Transfers made after the matchday deadline will start scoring from the next matchday.

Captain changes

The captain of your team will score double points – positive and negative. You have the ability to schedule all of your captains for the next game week in advance. This means managers can make unlimited captain changes in a game week.


You will be able to take advantage of the Overhaul twice this season – once at the beginning of October and the other taking place in February.

During these periods, you will be able to make an unlimited amount of transfers but must remain within the budget of £100m. These transfers will not come out of your 40-player transfer limit.

Create and join leagues

Do you have a mate that thinks they are a better manager than Jose Mourinho, cleverer then Jurgen Klopp or more particular than Pep Guardiola? Settle the debate once and for all by creating ‘Free Leagues’ and ‘Prize Leagues’ to compete in.

Leagues are quick and easy to create and join with our step-by-step guide, with a number of options available to customise them as you want. With some great prizes to be won for the best performing leagues, create your new league now and invite your friends, family and colleagues!

Prize Leagues

Fancy some extra competition with something at stake? Set up your own Prize League for the season with friends, family and colleagues and choose the entry fee for league members to form your prize pot. This is a free service and we will hold the prize pot for the duration of the season and pay out 100 cent of the funds in winnings, in the prize structure you decide. Entry money and any prize winnings go in and out of your Sky Bet account.

When creating a new Prize League you have the following options:

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