Sky Sports host David Jones explains a day in the life of Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is one of the most comprehensive football shows around.

Sky Sports' dedication to tactical debriefs, insider knowledge and quality guests has made MNF the football fan's most popular show every week.

David Jones leads the coverage alongside Manchester United legend Gary Neville and Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher – with a wealth of big names from the world of football often joining the crowd when Neville becomes the man on the ground at matches.

Neville and Carragher's camaraderie is just as endearing to the audience as their insight on the weekend's matches.

But the show isn't just put together by turning up. Presenters and pundits arrive at Sky Studios in west London before 10am in the morning – and a day of work follows before the cameras go live.

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Jones has fronted the coverage ever since Ed Chamberlain left for ITV and he has revealed a typical day in the life of MNF on his LinkedIn page.

Here is how his average Monday pans out…


8am: Read the papers to ensure he is on top of all of the headlines from the weekend.

9:45am: Arrive at Sky Studios.

10am: A meeting alongside the producer Jack, pundit Jamie Carragher and the rest of the team to discuss potential ideas for the show. Carragher will also present his thoughts on analysis from the weekend's action.

11:15am: Confirm the final rundown with the producer.

11:30am: The script is began to be put together alongside the researching teams, while questions for the guests are decided.


1pm: A trip to the gym for a spin class alongside Carragher and a chance to clear the head before a busy afternoon's work.

2:15pm: Lunch alongside producer Jack and Carragher, where the forthcoming analysis is discussed.

3pm: The team head to the green room, where they relax, have a gossip and eat chocolate.

3:30pm: MNF rehearsal time. A full run through of the first hour of the show is completed.

4pm: The special guest arrives (it has been Roy Keane, Rafa Benitez and more so far this season) and time is spent with them going through the show's topics, while they gather their thoughts and opinions on the various subjects.

5pm: A five minute teaser is recorded for Sky Sports News.

5:15pm: Everyone returns to the green room, which is a chance for final research and fact checking, while scripts are finalised.


6pm: A walk around the Sky Studios site for some fresh air alongside Carragher and the guest before they head to the studio.

6:15pm: Time to get changed into suits, allow the make-up team to get to work… and the game face goes on.

6:30pm: Head to the studio for the show.

6:45pm: Team news filters through for the evening's match.

7pm: Monday Night Football goes live!

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8pm: Time for food when the game kicks off.

11pm: The show comes to an end.

11:15pm: Leave Sky Studios.

12:00am: Arrive back home.

12:05am: A large glass of red wine!

David's original post from LinkedIn has been adapted slightly for publication.

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