Student channels inner Ronaldo with ‘Siu’ celebration at graduation ceremony

There is something about Cristiano Ronaldo’s global appeal that makes people want to imitate the Manchester United star’s behaviour, to the point where the Portuguese’s trademark celebration has even made an impression outside of football.

And one student couldn’t help himself when presented with the opportunity to celebrate after collecting his degree during his graduation ceremony at the University of Nottingham. The unidentified student chose to channel his inner Ronaldo by pulling off the famous ‘Siuu!’ goal celebration with hilarious results.

The customary tradition is for a student’s name to be read out before they walk up to the stage to collect their paper degree. They usually then shake the hand of the person in charge of the institution before walking off stage.

But the cheeky chap had another plan in mind to make his day memorable. Footage emerged on social media of the student walking up onto the stage in front of hundreds of students and parents, with nothing in his body language to suggest something different was about to occur.

But as he casually made his way towards the centre of the stage, he quickly changed course, turning to his left with a short run-up and leapt into the air, gaining some impressive hang time.

Performing an impressive rendition of Ronaldo’s favoured goal stance, he landed the move with his arms outstretched and legs apart before shouting “Siuuuuu!”, which echoed around the auditorium.

After a brief lull, the crowd realised what he had done and let out some murmurs of awkward laughter, which then turned into rapturous applause.

Unmoved by the celebration, however, the man holding his degree nonchalantly passed him the certificate and he quietly made his exit.

Quite what motivated him to think of Ronaldo’s ‘Siuu’ is anyone’s guess, and in particular in Nottingham which used to be a happy hunting ground for the Red Devils.

But if other footballers feel comfortable enough to copy Ronaldo, there is nothing to suggest a student can’t do the same.

Man United star Ronaldo has scored over 800 goals in a glittering career that has included lucrative spells with Real Madrid and Juventus.

Given that the legendary forward was hitting the back of the net so often, it was no surprise that he came up with a unique way to celebrate scoring.

And the 37-year-old revealed he started the trend during his time at Madrid when speaking to YouTube channel in 2019: "I started to say ‘si’, it’s like ‘yes’, when I was in Real Madrid,” he said.

“When we would win, everyone would say ‘siiiii’ and so I started to say it. I don’t know why, it was natural.”

We can only assume that by the viral magic of social media, Ronaldo may eventually catch wind of the university graduate’s own version of his famed celebration. And we can’t be the only ones who are dying to know how the man himself would judge it for effort and execution.

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