Thibaut Courtois finally settled down after bedding De Bruyne’s ex and neighbour

Thibaut Courtois will take his position in goal for Real Madrid's clash with Manchester City in the Champions League semi-finals as a happily taken man – but his love life has been a bumpy road.

The 29-year-old is currently dating Israeli model Mishel Gerzig, with the pair having gone public on their relationship last August. She is the latest in a long line of partners he has had through the years, which allegedly includes a team-mate's ex and one of his neighbours.

Courtois first hit the headlines for his performances in the bedroom, rather than on the pitch, when Caroline Lijnen, the then-girlfriend of Kevin de Bruyne, revealed she'd had an affair with him in 2014.

Lijnen claimed her and Courtois had bunked up together two years earlier after De Bruyne had cheated on her with a close friend. At the time, the Belgium internationals were also both on the books of Chelsea.

De Bruyne was said to be 'devastated' but has continued to play alongside Courtois after all three swiftly put the incident behind them. However, the shot stopper didn't learn from the incident.

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Instead, Courtois turned from the secret lover to the one cheating. His relationship with Spaniard Marta Dominguez was plagued by rumours he was being unfaithful.

A tapas waitress claimed Courtois cheated with her in 2014, and Belgian model Emily Vanhoutte confessed to a fling with him a year later. The final nail in the coffin of his relationship with Dominguez then came in 2017.

As revealed by the Daily Star two years after the fact, Courtois had fathered a secret love child with his married neighbour at the same time Dominguez was pregnant with their second child.

His romps with Elsa Izac, which reportedly began after she had taken in a parcel for him and sometimes took place in the Chelsea team hotel, resulted in them both splitting from their respective partners.

Courtois was also romantically linked with American model Brittny Gastineau, who is friends with Kim Kardashian, following the scandal. But he kept a low profile on the relationship front after that.

Gerzig, 24, looks to have tamed him with the pair gushing over each other on social media. Courtois recently posted on Instagram with the caption: "Had an amazing time with my partner for life."

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