Utterly disgraceful football scene is causing uproar

There have been disgraceful scenes during England’s Euro 2020 draw with Scotland on Saturday morning with a crowd response to the powerful moment players from both teams took a knee before the match.

It came after fans were at the centre of another unsightly moment when the rival spectators let out loud boos when the national anthems for both countries were played before the game.

Scotland’s official national anthem as part of the UK remains God Save The Queen, however, when representing Scotland the team has routinely sung the Flower Of Scotland anthem.

Fans from the two countries overshadowed the anthems by loudly booing as the songs were played.

The actions of rogue spectators has stolen attention away from the lacklustre 0-0 draw fought out by the two countries in their Euro 2020 group stage match.

Fears of fans disrespecting the national anthems prompted the English Football Association to release a public statement days before the match, telling spectators to show respect for their opposition.

Harry Kane of England takes a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.Source:Getty Images

“On behalf of the manager and the team, please support England in the right way, before, during and after the fixture,” the FA statement claimed.

“This includes showing respect to each national anthem before the game. We are playing at home and we need the supporters to fully get behind the team.

“We are very pleased that both England and Scotland players will demonstrate unity when they take the knee ahead of kick-off. We thank the Scottish team for this showing of solidarity as together we highlight our common values of respect and equality.

“Please do respect the players when they take the knee as they continue to highlight and challenge discrimination, in all its forms.

“Football is about celebrating pride and passion, not shouting abuse or discrimination. We hope everybody enjoys the day and shows their support in a way that will do their country proud, both inside and outside of Wembley Stadium.”

Fans inside the stadium drowned out the boos.Source:Getty Images

Players earlier took the knee to show support for racial equality but the action was met with loud boos.

The boos were then drowned out by applause from fans.

England players have continued to take the knee during Euro 2020, as they have been since the murder of George Floyd last year.

The team have stated that they believe the gesture is not a political one and designed simply to show support for racial equality.

Gareth Southgate previously said: “I think we have got a situation where some people seem to think it is a political stand that they don’t agree with.

“That is not the reason the players are doing it. We are supporting each other.”

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