Wenger’s alternative to throw-ins set to be trialled after getting FIFA approval

Football lawmakers are ready to introduce trials for ‘kick-ins’ to be implemented as an alternative to throw-ins.

FIFA’s chief of global development Arsene Wenger stunned the footballing world in 2020 by claiming he wanted to change the throw-in rule. The legendary former Arsenal manager stirred up a huge debate by saying ‘kick-ins’ would make football “more spectacular and quicker” in a bid to speed the game up and appeal to younger generations.

And in a ground-breaking move, it is claimed the International FA Board [IFAB] discussed the idea of trialling 'kick-ins' at their Annual General Meeting in Qatar on Monday.

Wenger told L’Equipe in 2020: "I would like to change the throw-in rule: five minutes before the end, a throw-in for you should be an advantage, but in these situations you are facing 10 outfield players in play, whilst you only have nine.

"Stats show that in eight out of 10 of those throw-in situations, you lose the ball. In your half of the pitch, you should have the possibility to take a kick instead."

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The IFAB have also claimed there are a number of other trials set to take place in the near future in addition to kick-ins. Those include methods for ‘fairer calculation of playing time’, which could see a stop clock introduced when the ball is not in play.

A statement on the IFAB website read: "Other trials such as explaining certain refereeing decisions during a game, a potentially fairer calculation of playing time, and kick-ins were also discussed.

"The AGM was clear that these and any other trials require permission and will be supervised by The IFAB and FIFA."

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