Wigan give round of applause for duck called Keith who died before match

Wigan fans gave a minute’s round of applause for a duck called Keith – who died before their latest match.

The League One side showed an image of the pet bird, who belonged to a Latics supporter, on the big screen at the DW Stadium during the half-time break.

And footage soon emerged of fans getting out of their seats and giving the duck a round of applause.

The story emerged of a Facebook page about Wigan Athletic, with supporters understanding that an individual called ‘Keith’ had died.

This sparked ‘mourning and condolences’ as it was believed to be Keith Valentine, a supporter battling lung cancer.

But a fan took to Twitter to explain that there had been a miscommunication, with a man called Daryl Ravden's pet passing away.

The supporter – known as Rob G on Twitter – wrote: "Oh my f***ing God. I am truly sorry.

"There has been crossed wires. A friend said Keith was dead I assumed it was Keith Valentine, it was Daryl's pet duck also called Keith.

"I am highly embarrassed, I hope this hasn't caused any offence. Sorry again."

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But Valentine took the news in good spirits, saying on Facebook: "I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone for all your messages of sympathy and condolences, it's nice to know just how much you all miss me.

"But I can reassure you that I've not popped my clogs just yet and my fight against lung cancer continues."

"I must be the first person in history to get their messages of sympathy before I've even died.

"I blame Daryl, only he could have a pet duck named Keith."

Ravden then shared a tribute of his own to Keith on Twitter, writing: "Always had a smile on his face our Keith. Gunna miss him."

And he shared footage from the ground of nearly 10,000 fans at the DW stadium paying tribute to Keith.

And the Latics marked the duck’s passing with three points as Callum Lang scored the only goal of the game.

With 12 minutes to go, the 22-year-old got onto the end of Tom Pearce’s cross to hand Pompey their first defeat of the season.

But it is not the first time that animals have made a surprise appearance at football grounds.

Only this week, a dog invaded the pitch to prevent a goal in a Greater Glasgow Premier AFL President's Cup match.

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