Zinedine Zidane’s "reservations" could stop Man Utd sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Zinedine Zidane might well reject a job offer from Manchester United should the Red Devils come calling following the potential departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – and that could even keep the Norwegian in a job until the summer.

The former Real Madrid boss might now be ready for a new challenge in football following five months on the sidelines after his second spell as Bernabeu boss came to an end in May.

Zidane, alongside Antonio Conte, is seen as the best currently out-of-work manager, having won two La Liga titles and three Champions Leagues with his former side.

Although United remain one of the biggest clubs on the planet despite their recent struggles, Zidane is said to have one large reservation about taking up the job by his former team-mate.

Geremi, speaking exclusively to Ladbrokes at its launch of the 5-A-Side Bet on Newcastle v Chelsea, said of Zidane's links to Old Trafford: "Could he become Manchester United's manager? Based on his ability to surprise us already, I would say wait and see.

"At that level, with the performances that he demands, I don't think there's a team in world football that Zinedine couldn't manage. To manage a big club, you need a person with a big personality.

"Someone like Zinedine, a former player at the top level, can speak to his players and relate to them. He can speak to them without fear. It would be so easy for younger players in a team to receive a message from someone of Zidane's stature.

"I think he'd be a success at Manchester United. He has a great record and I think it's a challenge he'd like. The only thing is that he's the kind of person who'd want to take over a club at the beginning of a season.

"The Premier League is a new world for him; I don't think he'd take that risk in the middle of the season. I think he'd wait until the end of the season and construct his own team in pre-season."

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Geremi, who won the Champions League alongside Zidane back in 2002, believes that the Frenchman would not want to take over at United during the middle of the season.

He added of his former colleague: "I'll be totally honest with you – and you can ask most players who played with him – it surprised me that Zinedine Zidane got into management.

"It really did, because when you look at the type of person he is, you just couldn't imagine him being one of the best managers in the world – honestly. I'm not the only person to say that, I'm sure.

"Zidane was the kind of person who was very quiet in the dressing room. That was his personality. He's the type of person who is very calm and quiet.

"Of course, he was a big, big player. I always compare him to a calm river. When you look at a calm river, you must remember it's very deep. And this is Zinedine; he's a very deep character.

"He's surprised a lot of people, so well done for that. He brought another style of management to football. He's not a Jose Mourinho, he's not a Sir Alex Ferguson, he has his own style."

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