EXCLUSIVE: Hundred's £4m deal with KP Snacks is SAVED by loophole

EXCLUSIVE: The Hundred’s £4m sponsorship deal with KP Snacks is SAVED… with ECB benefitting from loophole in new regulations against advertising junk food

  • The Government has banned unhealthy foods being advertised on TV and online
  • The law, coming in next year, applies between 5.30am and 9pm on the TV 
  • The Hundreds deal with KP Snacks looked to be in danger of being curtailed 
  • However, the ECB have received reassurance they are clear of any issues  

The ECB’s £4million flagship sponsorship deal with KP Snacks for the new Hundred competition has been spared Government regulation due to a loophole in the forthcoming junk food advertising ban.

Sportsmail can reveal the ECB have received reassurances from the Government, since the television and online ban was announced on Thursday, that the shirt sponsors of the eight teams — which include high-fat and high-salt snacks targeted at kids such as Hula Hoops, McCoy’s and Skips — will not be affected as they are considered brands rather than products.

Under the terms of the new law, coming next year, companies will be prohibited from advertising food deemed to be high in fat, salt or sugar between 5.30am and 9pm on TV and online, but they will be permitted to market generic brands such as McDonald’s.

The Hundred’s sponsorship deal with KP Snacks looked to be in danger of being canned 

The partnership has been saved by a technicality in the government’s new rules over adverts

Government sources say the loophole has been left to encourage big food companies to introduce healthier products, but campaigners fear it will render the ban ineffective.

The ECB were concerned enough about the ban to seek clarification after Sportsmail revealed last month that it would include shirt sponsorship. 

The Government’s decision on the crisp manufacturers owned by KP, who dominate the Hundred shirt sponsorships, will raise eyebrows because in most instances they produce nothing else. Hula Hoops, whose logo is on the shirt of the Welsh Fire franchise, have 17 different products but all of them are crisps.

The ECB will be relieved their deal with KP is unaffected for the Hundred, which begins with a clash between the Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals women’s teams on July 21, before the same fixture is played by their male counterparts the following day. 

The Government has given the ECB assurances that their sponsorship won’t fall foul of the rule

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