Rising star young Queensland jockey apprentice Kyle Wilson-Taylor unable to take rides due to license red tape

One of Queensland’s most talented young apprentice jockeys Kyle Wilson-Taylor has been left in a racing nowhere land, currently unable to take rides as he is without a riding license because of bureaucratic red tape.

The blossoming young jockey star was taken off 15 rides including several winners on the weekend because of a situation which has left his master, trainer Lindsay Hatch, tearing his hair out and calling for the racing system to be changed.

The situation is a complex one but Hatch explains Wilson-Taylor had been riding in Queensland on a visiting apprentice license since moving north from Coffs Harbour where he had been riding for trainer Brett Dodson.

That license expired recently but the Hatch stable had before that registered paperwork in the system with Racing Queensland, the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission and more recently an apprentice scheme organisation.

Wilson-Taylor’s apprentice arrangement in NSW wasn’t cancelled until last Monday but the Hatch stable had been under the impression there would be plenty of time to register the Queensland agreement before the weekend.

But they were left frustrated by having to make dozens of calls to different organisations – both in racing and in government – in a so far futile bid to get Wilson-Taylor his Queensland apprentice riding license.

As of Sunday, Queensland Jockeys’ Association boss Glen Prentice said the application remained in the system with Wilson-Taylor in limbo and unable to take race rides.

Wilson-Taylor is regarded as one of the rising stars of the Queensland jockey scene, having ridden 58 winners since moving to Queensland including six on one weekend in January.

Hatch, who has a proven record with apprentices having previously mentored last season’s leading rider Baylee Nothdurft, said the red tape in the Wilson-Taylor situation was a nightmare.

“We were initially told we had to cancel Kyle’s NSW apprenticeship agreement prior to registering the Queensland one, but when you cancel the NSW one you are unlicensed,” Hatch said.

“After speaking to racing officials we decided just to wait until the visiting one ran out because he got suspended around the same time so it was a good time to sort it out.

“We thought it was just a matter of cancelling one and registering the other and we had done the paperwork.

“But then it became a red tape issue because Kyle then had to be registered as an apprentice with another department, a government one, and things have been held up.

“The issue that I find annoying is we are dealing with racing departments, training agreements and government departments, surely racing can put something in place to help out and make things quicker and easier in situations like this.

“Surely there is an easier process that can be put in place for apprentices to sort out a transfer from one state to another, surely it shouldn’t be this difficult?

“At the moment, Kyle can’t take rides and we and his manager are sitting on eggshells waiting to know when it will be sorted out and when he can take rides.”

Kyle Wilson-Taylor scores a winner. Picture: Kevin FarmerSource:News Regional Media

To add to the complexity of the matter, Wilson-Taylor was initially told he could not even ride trackwork while the situation was sorted out.

However now he has been granted a trackwork license, although is still waiting for a riding license with the AJA set to pull out all stops on Monday to try to expedite the matter.

Trainer Lindsay Hatch. Picture: Kevin Farmer.Source:News Regional Media

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