Shane Warne "pretty confident" Ashes will go ahead despite quarantine concerns

Shane Warne has said he is "pretty confident" that the Ashes will be played this winter, despite England 's concerns about Australia 's strict coronavirus protocols.

At the moment, one of the main issues is whether the England players will be able to tour with their families.

Jos Buttler has already said that he is "open" to missing the series in order to spend time with his family, after his wife recently gave birth to their second child.

James Anderson, meanwhile, has revealed that the strict 14-day quarantine rules mean his family "have already said they are not going to Australia".

Despite those ongoing concerns, Warne is hopeful that the tour "will go ahead as normal".

Speaking exclusively to Mirror Sport on behalf of Advanced Hair, Warne said: "I’m pretty confident an Ashes series will go ahead.

"I think the governments, the boards, the players and everyone wants it to go ahead. They’re just trying to work out how they can have their families there and not be away from them for so long because there’s a World Cup before it and an IPL before that as well, so they’ll have been on the road for a long time.

"I think they’re just trying to work out the best case scenario where they can get their families there and they’ve got this 14-day mandatory quarantine.

"I was in a 4×3 metre room with no windows for my quarantine and wasn’t allowed outside my door but, from what I’m hearing, these guys have got a resort with a pool and golf course.

"It sounds like a holiday! I wouldn’t mind doing that quarantine! Hopefully that will satisfy the needs of the players and their families.

"The country I think, from what I’ve seen, by mid-November will be 80% double-vaccinated and everything will open up.

"So when England arrive for the Ashes, they’ll be able to move freely between the states and have a bit more freedom, rather than just going from the hotel to the cricket ground.

"We’ve seen a roadmap for Australia’s vaccination programme and they’re hoping to be at 80% by mid-November.

"Hopefully that’s the case and the Ashes and everything will go ahead as normal."

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