Kyrgios slams 'disrespectful' fans who booed him off court

‘I literally couldn’t give a f***’: Nick Kyrgios slams ‘disrespectful’ fans who booed him off court at Mexican Open after he retired through injury

  • Nick Kyrgios accused Mexican Open crowd of ‘disrespect’ after he was jeered 
  • Australian was forced to quit his first-round clash after losing opening set 6-3
  • He retired against Frenchman Ugo Humbert due to a left wrist injury on Tuesday

Nick Kyrgios has accused the Mexican Open crowd of ‘disrespect’ after being jeered following his retirement against Frenchman Ugo Humbert due to a left wrist injury.

The Australian had delighted fans with some superb tennis en route to the title in Mexico last year but it was a different story on Tuesday when he was forced to quit the first-round clash after losing the opening set 6-3.

The 24-year-old, who was on court for only 32 minutes, later vented his anger in an expletive-laden news conference.

Nick Kyrgios had to retire against Ugo Humbert at the Mexican Open due to a left wrist injury

The Australian has accused the Mexican Open crowd of ‘disrespect’ after being jeered

‘I literally couldn’t give a f***,’ Kyrgios told reporters. ‘I’m not healthy, I tried to come here, I tried to play.

‘I’ve been doing media for the tournament, been helping out. I tried to give the fans a little bit of tennis. And their disrespect?’

Kyrgios, placed on probation by the governing body of men’s tennis over his behaviour last year, had shown a different side to his character in the lead up to this year’s Australian Open.

Kyrgios was forced to quit the first-round clash after losing the opening set 6-3 to Humbert (R)

He had called on the tennis world to help the victims of Australia’s bushfire crisis and triggered an appeal that raised millions of dollars.

His exit robs the tournament of a potential blockbuster clash with Rafael Nadal, who advanced with a 6-3, 6-2 win over fellow Spaniard Pablo Andujar.

Second-seed Alexander Zverev moved past qualifier Jason Jung 7-6, 6-1 to reach the second round. 



Rogers Cup, 2015

No stranger to having his professionalism on a tennis court questioned, Kyrgios strayed well over the line when a fiery match with Stan Wawrinka got personal.

It may have been a ‘heat of the moment’ response to a ‘lippy’ opponent, but the Aussie was fooling no one after he was caught by an on-court microphone telling his opponent: ‘Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that mate.’

Kyrgios was referring to his Davis Cup team-mate Thanasi Kokkinakis, while Wawrinka was romantically linked with his now girlfriend Donna Vekic. It was a line more likely to promote a heavyweight boxing match than grace a tennis court, and Wawrinka was deeply unimpressed by the apparent sledging.

‘I just hope the ATP takes big measures against him. He’s young but that’s no excuse… every match, he behaves very badly’, he said.

‘The problem is he doesn’t just behave badly towards himself, he behaves badly towards the people around, the other players, the ball kids, the umpires. I really hope the ATP will take major action against him this time.’

He was fined £10,000 and handed a 28-day suspended sentence.

Australian Open, 2016

He could have let it go to voicemail. He could have switched it off. He could have left it in the locker room.

For once Kyrgios escaped punishment, but eyebrows were still raised after this indiscretion.

Before a mixed doubles match in Melbourne three years ago he answered a phone call as he sat down with partner Ajla Tomljanovic.

Officials investigated the incident, which had left Tomljanovic thoroughly bemused, but he avoided sanction because it was pre-match.

‘Some of my friends called me,’ Kyrgios said. When asked if it was something important, he replied: ‘Kind of, not really’.

Kyrgios took a call from a friend before a mixed doubles match in Melbourne in 2016

Shanghai, 2016

Accusations of tanking have followed Kyrgios throughout his career. He was booed at Wimbledon in 2015 for a lack of effort in returning serves from Richard Gasquet.

But when he did not return shots and served without effort at the Shanghai Masters in 2016 it earned him a three-month ban and a £20,500 fine.

At one point he patted a serve over the net and at another he was walking off court before his opponent, Mischa Zverev, had returned the ball.

When told to act professionally by umpire Ali Nili after swearing, he responded: ‘Can you call time so I can finish this match and go home?’

He made no apologies for his conduct after the match, even taking aim at the fans.

‘I don’t owe them [the fans] anything. It’s my choice. If you don’t like it, I didn’t ask you to come watch. Just leave. You want to buy a ticket? Come watch me.You know I’m unpredictable. It’s your choice. I don’t owe you anything. Doesn’t affect how I sleep at night.’

Against Mischa Zverev in Shanghai in 2016 Kyrgios patted a tame serve over the net

He then walked off court before Zverev had even returned the serve to win the point

Queen’s, 2018

Kyrgios believed he was sharing a private moment with his players’ box when he mimicked a crude sex act with a water bottle during a break in games.

Instead the moment was beamed into living rooms across the world as it was caught on live television during a defeat by Marin Cilic at Queen’s last year.

Kyrgios held his drink bottle towards his groin and appeared to pretend to masturbate.

After playing around with his drink bottle he then finished off by spraying water onto the ground and taking a sip before sharing a cheeky grin. He was fined £13,000.

Earlier in the week he shouted out ‘f***’ during his match against Kyle Edmund, forcing BBC commentary to apologise for the foul language.

His response when it was raised afterwards? ‘Fine. I don’t care’.

Kyrgios was caught on TV mimicking a sex act with a water bottle at Queen’s last year

Wimbledon, 2018

Somehow Kyrgios made it to the age of 23, a world ranking of 18 and over £5m earned in prize money without knowing the foot-fault rule.

In an embarrassing, yet hilarious, moment at Wimbledon last year umpire James Keothavong had to get down from his chair and teach the Aussie the rules of the game.

He was shown the centre mark foot fault rule by the British official during a break between sets in his second-round match.

Keothavong stood with his feet behind the doubles tramline near his chair to explain.

He drew an imaginary extension of the centre mark and put his back foot the other side of the court, which is against the rules.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) rules state: ‘The server shall not touch the imaginary extension of the centre mark with either foot.’

At last year’s Wimbledon Kyrgios had to be taught the foot-fault rule on serves

Umpire James Keothavong got down from his chair to teach the Aussie player the rules

Italian Open, 2019

Even by Kyrgios’ standards this meltdown on one of the outside courts against Casper Ruud was incredible.  

The Aussie allowed himself to get riled by spectators and became involved in an exchange with officials after being made to forfeit a game to go 2-1 down in the decider.

Having angrily hurled his racket to the floor he threw the fold-up chair onto the playing surface and then went into an expletive-filled rant, shouting at the chair: ‘I am giving 100 per cent to deal with f****** idiots like him, I’m done. I’m f****** done. I’m f****** done with it. I don’t give a f***.’

He then put his bag over his shoulder and walked off court of his own accord, but was officially defaulted from the match.

Kyrgios smashed his racket into the ground before kicking something along the floor

Kyrgios picked up a seat from courtside and hurled that into the centre of the court

Wimbledon, 2019

Kyrgios’ Centre Court meeting with Rafael Nadal was always going to be explosive viewing and so it proved. After all, he had been partying into the early hours Wimbledon pub The Dog and Fox. 

Not only was the Aussie underarm serving the world No 2 but he smashed a forehand directly at Nadal and later claimed he wanted the ball to strike him. 

Kyrgios then turned his anger on the chair umpire for seemingly operating with a double standard when it came to the shot clock for the two players.

‘Wow, you’ve got so much power up there,’ Kyrgios said.

‘Look at you. Look at you. You’re no one. You think you’re important. You have no idea what’s going on. You’re a disgrace.’

After the match, Kyrgios went on to add: ‘I got angry at the ref. He’s like, ‘No, I’ll tell him what I want to tell him.’ I was like, ‘Oh, a little bit of a power trip there.’ He obviously feels pretty important sitting up in the chair. He was just terrible. I thought the way he handled the match was just bad.’

Kyrgios had a row with umpire Damien Dumusois while he took on Nadal at SW19

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