Novak Djokovic’s staggering fortune loss if he misses out on Australian Open

Djokovic's brother says star is back on tennis court

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While an Australian judge has cleared the way for Novak Djokovic to stay in the country, his ordeal isn’t over just yet. The unvaccinated tennis star now faces intervention from the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, who could personally cancel his visa. If they ultimately choose to intervene, Djokovic will have to pull out, leaving his hopes of claiming the Australian Open title dashed.

How much could Djokovic lose?

Djokovic is one of the most well-paid tennis players, with a staggering net worth of approximately $220 million (£162 million).

With the Australian Open title in range, he stands to gain another fortune.

In 2022, competition organisers have built the most significant prize in its history.

The top prize is worth a combined $75 million AUD(£39,626,625), a 4.5 percent increase on last year’s $71.5 million (£37,777,382.50) pot.

Organisers split the prize money across events, including singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

And each stage, from qualifying round one to winner, comes with its own winnings.

The singles event in which Djokovic would part has a total prize ranging from $24,000 (£12,683.85) to $4,400,000 AUD (£2,325,373.13).

The full winnings range is as follows:

Qualifying Round 1: $24,000 (£12,683.85)

Qualifying Round 2: $33,500 (£17,704.55)

Qualifying Round 3: $50,000 (£26,424.69)

Round 1: $90,000 (£47,564.45)

Round 2: $140,000 (£73,989.14)

Round 3: $180,000 (£95,128.90)

Round 4: $300,000 (£158,548.17)

Quarter finalist: $600,000 (£317,096.34)

Semi finalist: $1,100,000 (£581,343.28)

Runners up: $2,200,000 (£1,162,686.56)

Winner: $4,400,000 (£2,325,373.13)

If Djokovic also enters the doubles or mixed doubles with a partner, he stands to win even more.

Prizes in the doubles tournament range from $25,000 (£13,208.88) to $800,000 (£422,684), and $6,250 (£3,302.22) to $190,000 (£100,387.45) for mixed doubles.

Overall, the Serbian tennis legend would have a chance to win more than $5 million AUD (£2,641,775).

Djokovic has not confirmed whether he intends to compete in more events than the single tournament.

He has, however, said he would try and compete in the competition this year.

In a Twitter post, he said he was “pleased and grateful” the Australian judge overturned his visa cancellation.

He added that “despite all that has happened”, he would “stay and try to compete”.

But Judge Anthony Kelly, who ruled in his favour, has declared the stakes have now “risen rather than receded”.

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